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YEAH. I got icons.

[icons] de tox.
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welcome to the discotheque!
Thanks for checking out my icons. Come back and tell all your little buddies. I mainly do icons of groups I dig, movies I love, and stuff that makes me laugh (or a little more awesome).


1) Comment, plz? I make these for you guys, and it makes me happy to know you like them 'n stuff.

2) Please don't modify my icons without asking. :(

3) Don't hotlink! Save the icons and upload them yourself.

4) Credit is awesome, but I won't harass people about it. If you really have something against doing the credit thing, that's your deal.

Want to be linked? As soon as I set up a post for this, you can comment there. How's that for a deal?

& I'd love it if you added me as a friend or joined the community. You can also link me, which would be 'soupercooleh'.